1998 McKinlay Special Selection Pinot Noir

What a treat! This wine is in a perfect plateau of its evolution right now and we want to share it with you. We’re fortunate to have stashed a bit for just such an occasion, and this will be our first ‘cellar selection’ in the shop, available for tasting. And if you love it as much as we do, you can buy a bottle and shares it. Perfumed red, red fruit literally takes your senses by storm, leading to a mouthful of tangy fruit and savory herbs. Rub down some lamb, fire up the grill and prepare yourself for the fireworks!

DATE TASTED: 5-12-14

1999 Hamacher Cuvee des Forets Chardonnay

Butterscotch, roasted apple and hazelnuts lure you in. Richly textured lifted by a bright zap of acidity, this wine is fully mature and utterly enjoyable. As the wine warms closer to cellar temperature, intriguing woodsy notes bordering on the apricot scent of chanterelles come to the forefront. 1999 was a powerhouse vintage, but it almost didn’t turn out that way. Saved by a late, last minute streak of heat and warmth in mid-summer through fall, the fruit that came in to be processed was fully ripe and chalked full of round flavors. This is a great example of a patient vintner who allowed the fruit to do its thing; the wine shines bright indeed!


2006 J.K. Carriere Provocateur

At the time of release, I featured this wine in a write-up hailing it as a delicious over-delivering beauty that will age for some time. Well, proof is in the glass. I just popped the cork on my last bottle and I’m happily sipping on a deliciously aged Pinot that is silky soft, and fully developed. Blue, blue, blue fruit dominates with hints of licorice, black currant and sassafras. If there’s one slight want in this wine it’s a bit more acid, but that was the year more than the winemaking. Heck, if memory serves me right, Shea made up a good portion of this wine, so that’s to be expected. At $24 when released back in 2007, there are few deals like Provocateur in the Oregon Pinot Noir game. And to think, it’s the very same price for the current vintage! If you’d like to know when the next release hits the shelf, just shoot us a message.

DATE TASTED: 2-10-14

2005 Dominio IV The Black and The Red pinot noir

Fully developed and balanced with plenty of verve. The black quotient is showing nicely, with black licorice, plum and minerals. Deliciously soft